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Get InvolvedDepartmentDescription
Frog WatchEnvironment CanadaFind out how to participate in a program to help increase the knowledge of frogs and toads in Canada.
Ice WatchEnvironment CanadaContribute to Canadian climate change research by helping to record and analyze when ice forms and thaws on bodies of water.
Plant WatchEnvironment CanadaParticipate in Plant Watch to help scientists discover how, and more importantly why, our natural environment is changing.
Request for Earthquake Information from the PublicNatural Resources CanadaDid you feel it? Help seismologists determine how your area may respond to future earthquakes by contributing intensity information on the earthquakes you experience.
Welcome to Worm WatchEnvironment CanadaDiscover the diversity beneath your feet by participating in Worm Watch. Help scientists research all the earthworm species in Canada.