Northern Science

Northern ScienceDepartmentDescription
Canada’s Arctic - Polar Continental Shelf ProjectNatural Resources CanadaExplore Canada's Arctic, a vast, fascinating landscape consisting of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Learn about climate, habitat and more.
International Polar Year Web SiteGovernment of CanadaDiscover what Canadian scientists planned for International Polar Year, which will took place 2007 - 2008 and learn about continuing activities.
Nunavut General Monitoring PlanIndian and Northern Affairs CanadaFind out how Canada's obligations for general monitoring of the long term state and health of the ecosystemic and socio-economic environment in Nunavut are being fulfilled.
Polar Knowledge CanadaGovernment of CanadaPolar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is on the cutting edge of Arctic issues and strengthens Canada's position internationally as a leader in polar science and technology.
Safe Northern PassageNational Research Council CanadaDiscover how climate change creates variability in ice conditions and poses new environmental and transportation challenges in Canada's legendary North West Passage for both northern communities and commercial shipping.