Atlas of Canada - Data and ServicesNatural Resources CanadaThe Atlas of Canada freely offers data and related mapping services for general use.
Insect Production ServicesNatural Resources CanadaThe Insect Production Services (IPS) team at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre produces laboratory-reared insects to facilitate research on forest insect outbreaks and on environmentally responsible protection tools.
National Dosimetry ServicesHealth CanadaNational Dosimetry Services (NDS) is committed to safeguarding Canadian workers from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. We are Canada's leading dosimetry service provider.
Nautical Charts and PublicationsFisheries and Oceans CanadaCanadian Hydrographic Survey's exceptional nautical charts and publications help ensure the safe navigation of Canada's waterways.
Product Safety LaboratoryHealth CanadaThe Product Safety Laboratory analyses and evaluates products for compliance with the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act and can provide advice to companies on where they can get their product tested.