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Discover an exciting collection of science games, experiments and activities!

We’ve created an updated version of our Activity Book that includes 23 exciting experiments and activities from many different departments and agencies within the Government of Canada. This new version accommodates different age groups and skill levels as the experiments and activities are tailored for different levels of difficulty and understanding. This is a great way to encourage everyone to challenge their inner scientist.

The Activity Books were assembled by the team responsible for - the official Government of Canada website for Science and Technology information and resources.

Our Activity Books contain a series of individual experiments and activities that can be printed independently of each other. So, if you would like to make a tornado in a bottle, learn about echolocation or even test your knowledge of atomic elements, you can download these activities now.

You can also take time to explore our previous six Activity Books.

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The individual activities, which make up the Activity Books, can be found through the following links: Activity Book 6:

*Please note that activities marked with an asterisk are only available as part of the downloadable Activity Book PDF.

Elementary Level

  1. Air Patrol
  2. The Emerald Ash Borer
  3. The Clean Air Game
  4. Counting Leatherback Turtles and Marine Mammals*
  5. Environments that Support Life Forms*
  6. Leatherback Maze
  7. The Web of Life
  8. Match the Food*
  9. These symbols mean danger!*
  10. Word Search*
  11. Food Group Medicine Wheel*
  12. It All Adds Up*
  13. Flower Power*

Intermediate Level

  1. Build your own Barometer
  2. You and the Brewer*
  3. Using your Centre of Gravity*
  4. Earthquake Vocabulary Crossword*
  5. Take a Deep Breath*
  6. How Dirty is the Air?
  7. Make a Debris Flow*
  8. The Formation of our Solar System*
  9. UV Formation and Clouds*
  10. Make a Rain Gauge
  11. The Rock Cycle*
  12. A Tasty Experiment!*
  13. Tsunami Demonstration*
  14. “Make Before Break”

Secondary Level

  1. Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt*
  2. Science aboard the ISS*
  3. Calculating travel time of a tsunami*
  4. Agriculture Crossword*
  5. Cell Structure Scavenger Hunt*
  6. Tsunami Crossword*
  7. Radioactive Students*
  8. Going South for a Tan?*
  9. Locate the Earthquake*
  10. Extracting DNA from Fruit!* Activity Book 5:

Elementary Level

  1. Find the hazards*
  2. Build a Wind mill*
  3. Word search*
  4. Mystery Phrase*
  5. Certain something in the air*
  6. Make invisible ink
  7. Making sugar crystals*
  8. Wash your hands*
  9. Environmental review*
  10. What’s happening?
  11. Natural Dyes
  12. Germs Away

Intermediate Level

  1. Climate change errors*
  2. Unscramble the words*
  3. Eggsposed to danger*
  4. Environment quiz
  5. Construct a mechanically powered launcher*
  6. Identify me*
  7. Conserving energy crossword*
  8. Build your own anemometer
  9. The salmon spawner
  10. Circle of life
  11. Weather and climate

Secondary level

  1. Reading the Phases of the Moon in a Tide Table*
  2. Food Safety and Food Quality Quiz*
  3. What elements are you made of?
  4. Canadian astronauts and astronomers
  5. The difference between comets, meteors and asteroids
  6. Biology Basics I*
  7. Biology Basics II*
  8. Biology Basics III*
  9. Biology Basics IV*
  10. Sudoku*
  11. Understanding Spectrometers* Activity Book 4:

General: Grapefruit Facts of the Universe*

Elementary Level

  1. Word Search
  2. I Spy…      
  3. Can you spell energy efficiency?*
  4. Coins in the Piggy Bank
  5. Coinage Bingo
  6. Litter Can Be Deadly*

Space edition:

  1. Space Walk
  2. Make a Model Comet*
  3. Seeing is Not Always Believing
  4. Build a Spacesuit
  5. Build a Space Helmet
  6. My Constellation*

Intermediate Level

  1. All about energy*
  2. Crack the Code
  3. Health Risk Cruncher
  4. Build Your Own Cruncher
  5. Building a Thermometer
  6. Conserving Grandma's Catch*
  7. Interesting

Space edition:

  1. Drawing Circles
  2. Influence of Microgravity on Balance and the Sense of Orientation*
  3. Luminous Water*
  4. Sweet Pee*
  5. Influence of microgravity on bone structure*
  6. Build a Directly Controlled Robotic Camera*
  7. Extra notes on the “Build a Directly Controlled Robotic Camera” activity*

Secondary level

  1. Quiz on science and innovation in agriculture*
  2. Tidal Times*
  3. Do you have big feet?*
  4. Where does the time go?
  5. Math = games?

Space edition:

  1. Human Reaction Time*
  2. Gaining Height*
  3. Microgravity on Earth*
  4. Make Your Own Solar Array*
  5. Monitoring Your Heart Rate*

Answer Key



We would like to sincerely thank all of the following organizations for their ongoing participation and support.

  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Defence Research and Development Canada
  • Environment Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Health Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • National Research Council Canada
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Parks Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • Transport Canada Activity Book 7

Activity Book 7

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