Greenspeak - Paul Egginton

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Paul Egginton
(Natural Resources Canada)
There is agreement in the international science community that climate change is real. We are already beginning to see some of the effects in Canada, particularly in the north because it is so sensitive to it.

We do need to take action to fight climate change. We need to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are the cause of it. But unfortunately, because of the nature of the climate itself, it will not respond immediately to the changes that we make. There will be some residual impacts and we will have to adjust to them.

At Natural Resources Canada, we are starting to look at some of those impacts and how we can manage them. For example, how we can better manage water to deal with the issue of drought or how we can reduce costs of coastal erosion or storm surges.

I think ultimately the thing that we will have to face is that the climate of the future will not be the climate that we have grown up with. But there are things that we can do. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we can learn to plan for the future.

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