Insects and Arachnids

Recommended Links

Natural Resources Canada
Learn about efforts to erradicate the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle, an alien species that has caused the deaths of red spruce trees in Halifax, Nova Scotia (text and video).
Canada Agriculture Museum
The virtual exhibition Bees: A Honey of an Idea explores the essential role bees play in the pollination of many Canadian food crops. Visit the exhibition to find out about different types of bees, life in the hive, beekeeping and pollination. Or try out recipes, crafts and activities all about bees.
Canadian Museum of Nature
Learn about the organization that helps to coordinate scientific research on the Canadian fauna of insects, mites and their relatives.
Canadian Heritage
Learn about butterflies in Canada. Explore a gallery of images and find information and resources for teachers.
Government of Canada
Explore lists and images of Canadian butterflies and information about their life history, conservation and techniques for observing them.
Government of Canada
Review lists of ground beetles found in each of the provinces and territories and view images of each species.
Environment Canada
Read about the monarch butterfly, bumble bees, and the mosquito.
Natural Resources Canada
The Insect Production Services (IPS) team at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre produces laboratory-reared insects to facilitate research on forest insect outbreaks and on environmentally responsible protection tools.
Natural Resources Canada
Insects have been part of Canada's forest ecosystems for thousands of years. They help renew forests by removing old or otherwise susceptible trees, recycling nutrients and providing new habitat and food for wildlife.
Natural Resources Canada
Learn about the threat that alien insect species can pose when they make their way into Canada (text and video).
Government of Canada
Review lists of moths found in each of the provinces and territories and view images of each species. Also includes links to scientific articles and web sites about moths.