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Nathan Gillett - Observed Changes, Research Scientist

Transcript: Nathan Gillett - Observed Changes, Research Scientist

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NATHAN GILLETT (Research Scientist): When I was a child, I was first interested in the weather because I lived in the U.K., sometimes it would snow and when it snowed, I got to stay home and play in the snow instead of going to school, so I started recording the weather in my garden. That first got me interested in the weather.

NATHAN GILLETT (Research Scientist): As I got a bit older, I learned about climate change; I started to be interested in the climate and so then I decided that more than just day-to-day variations in the weather, I was interested in learning what was driving long-term climate change and could we learn more about it; could we solve it?

NATHAN GILLETT (Research Scientist): Everyone can take action to reduce climate change. One of the conclusions in this report is that climate change is determined by global emissions; by everybody’s emissions. And what that means is that everyone can play a part in reducing emissions, every country and every individual. Driving less, burning less fossil fuel, these are the kinds of things that everyone can do to reduce their impact on the climate.

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