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Budget 2016 - Investing in Science


Budget 2016 - Investing in Science

(Music up)


Text on screen:The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science

Budget 2016 has just been released.

But what does it mean for Canadian scientists and researchers…

That’s what you need to know.

(A title screen appears. It contains a photo of the Centre Block of Canada's Parliament Buildings, the Government of Canada signature and the Canada wordmark.)

Text on screen: Budget 2016: Investing in Science

We’ve introduced new ways to support science in Canada.

(photo of a male researcher standing next to equipment)

We are investing $2 billion to improve our research and innovation infrastructure. And $95 million to the granting councils to support research — the highest amount of new annual funding for science in over a decade.

(photo of three female scientists in a lab)

And to make sure these investments are strategic, effective, and put our scientists first, we’ll be reviewing all the elements of our support for science.

A few more budget highlights: we’re investing in stem cell and climate change research, genomics and theoretical physics.

(photo of two men inspecting roof-top solar panels)

We are investing more than $1 billion in the development of clean technology.

The list goes on.

Text on screen:

#Budget 2016

Bottom line: science in Canada is back!

(Canada wordmark)

(music fades)

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