Map Department Description
Agroclimate impact reporter Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada View agroclimate impact maps created using data provided by our volunteer reporters. Join our volunteer network and share the climate conditions and emerging risks in your area.
Agroclimate maps Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada View static maps of current and historic agroclimate conditions in Canada and explore the maps using an interactive application.
Annual Review of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Access archived annual reports from 2013 to 2017.
The Atlas of Canada Natural Resources Canada A dynamic and comprehensive national collection of maps and related geographic information.
The Atlas of Canada - Energy Natural Resources Canada In Canada, there are diverse and reliable sources of energy: oil, natural gas, hydroelectricity, coal, nuclear (uranium), solar, wind, tidal and biomass.
The Atlas of Canada - Forestry Natural Resources Canada Canadian forests play a primary role in the ecology, culture and economy of our country.
The Atlas of Canada - Geology Natural Resources Canada Geology includes the study of the earth’s crust, its structure, the chemical composition and the physical properties of its components.
The Atlas of Canada - Mining and Minerals Natural Resources Canada Rocks are composed of minerals. Each of the thousands of minerals found in the earth’s crust contains a specific combination of elements in specific proportions.
The Atlas of Canada - Population Natural Resources Canada According to Statistics Canada, Canada's population in 2011 was estimated to be 33 476 688. This represents a growth of 5.9% since the 2006 estimate of 31 612 897.
The Atlas of Canada - The North Natural Resources Canada Canada's north is a vast area, the three territories alone, Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories, encompass approximately 40% of the total area of Canada.
The Atlas of Canada - Water Natural Resources Canada Overall, Canada may be considered a freshwater-rich country: on an average annual basis, Canadian rivers discharge close to 9% of the world's renewable water supply, while Canada has less than 1% of the world's population.
Canadian Drought Monitor Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada View and explore monthly maps and data showing the extent and intensity of drought across Canada using a variety of interactive tools.
Canadian Ice Service Environment and Climate Change Canada By using aircraft reconnaissance and remote satellite technology, the Canadian Ice Service monitors sea ice conditions in Canadian waters.
Canadian Marine Weather Environment and Climate Change Canada You can access the marine forecasts and buoy reports for any region in Canada at this site.
Canadian Soil Information Service Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Find our national soil database, our soil survey reports and printed maps, as well as the land use management and planning tools developed to assist in land assessment and decision making.
Canadian Weather Radar Environment and Climate Change Canada See current weather radar maps for any area of Canada.
Canadian Wildland Fire Information System - Maps and Reports Natural Resources Canada Find current hotspots, forecasts of fire danger, fire behaviour and much more in this comprehensive site that covers all of Canada. Updated daily.
DFO GeoPortal Fisheries and Oceans Canada View maps and locate nautical charts and hydrographic surveys with this site that provides access to marine geospatial data.
Drought Watch Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada View timely maps and information on weather and climate relevant to the agricultural sector in Canada. Find current and historic weather and climate maps and view agroclimate impact maps. Access information on drought severity and extent, livestock tax deferral designations, and learn about ways to help manage your farm during drought conditions.
Environmental Indicators Environment and Climate Change Canada The interactive mapping application enables you to quickly explore Canada’s local and regional environmental indicators using multiple accessible map and data formats.
Fluwatch - Maps Public Health Agency of Canada Use these maps to monitor influenza activity across Canada. Searchable by date and region.
GeoGratis Natural Resources Canada Distributes geospatial data about Canada. The data is available for free.
Geospatial products Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Get interactive agriculture-related maps, geospatial data and tools to help you make better decisions for environmentally responsible yet competitive agriculture.
Maps of nuclear facilities Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Canada is one of the few countries possessing a complete functional infrastructure for the entire process of nuclear fuel production and power generation. The CNSC has been successfully regulating this industry for 50 years. See the locations of CNSC-regulated nuclear facilities on the map.
Maps and Geography Statistics Canada Use these interactive, thematic and reference maps to find Canadian statistics and census data according to subject or geographic location. Includes an illustrated glossary.
Plant hardiness zones of Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Connect to a geospatial application that outlines the different zones in Canada where various types of trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely survive.
Topograhic Maps Natural Resources Canada The National Topographic System (NTS) provides general-purpose topographic map coverage of Canada.
What is Hydrography? Fisheries and Oceans Canada Discover hydrography, the science and mapping of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.
World Ozone Monitoring and Mapping Environment and Climate Change Canada Provides the most recent full-day global total ozone map, and other ozone maps.
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