Updates to 2017 financial administration guides

Light Review” of the 2017 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide and the 2017 Tri-Agency College and Community Innovation Program Financial Administration Guide

The 2017 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide  and the 2017 Tri-Agency College and Community Innovation Program financial Administration Guide were reviewed to address outstanding administrative irritants and “quick fixes” until the launch of the new “principles-based” Guides, which are expected to be in place by late Spring 2018. The new Guides and their respective Summary of Changes have now been posted online. 

Effective as of October 1st, 2017, please note that changes made to these Guides supersede previous versions.

New Grant Amendment form

As part of this review, we are also happy to introduce a new Grant Amendment form, which was created in an effort to harmonize processes and to reduce administrative burden among the Agencies, grant holders and institutions. The intended purpose of the form is to amalgamate the multiple checklists currently residing in the Guide and to streamline and standardize the grant amendment process.  The form is now accessible through the Guide website.

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