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CFIA scientists investigate “fruitful” technology

February 2020 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Stefanie Sultmanis, Tracy Lawrence, Brittany Day and Anithra Selvakumar

CFIA scientists investigate “fruitful” technology

Science at CFIA is ever-growing, always changing, and constantly improving. As our science changes, the tools, techniques and infrastructure must also evolve to meet the needs of our innovative scientists across the country.

CFIA Everyday Superheroes

November 2019 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency |

CFIA Everyday Superheroes

Calling all superheroes! We need your help in the fight against our worst enemies.

Every day, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) protects food, animals and plants, which helps improve the health of Canada's people, environment and economy. But, we constantly need the help of brave superheroes, like you and your friends, to keep all Canadians safe.

How do we use genomics in our research on regulatory plant pathogens?

August 2019 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Guillaume Bilodeau and Emily Giroux

DNA double helix cartoon character

My kids always ask me, “Dad what is your job? What do you do at work?” My response is simple, “I work with DNA. I use DNA to identify diseases affecting plants.”

What’s in my firewood, and why should it matter?

June 2019 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Martin Damus

Cooking in the hearth

Ah, a nice warm fire! Gathering around campfires in the summer or a hearth in the cold winter is classically Canadian. Firewood is plentiful and who doesn’t like its cheery warm glow?

Working at the “Plant Hospital”

April 2019 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Jennifer Platts-Fanning, Shara Cody

Aerial view of the Charlottetown Laboratory

One misty Island morning, as I climbed into a cab on my way to work, the driver asked where I was going. I responded in the Island way, simply, “the big white building with the greenhouses.” Immediately he exclaimed, “Oh, the plant hospital!” to which I replied smiling, “It does look like a hospital, but we only diagnose and we don’t treat the plants.” The work performed in the incredible building has always been a topic of rumour around our little town.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the University of Guelph collaborate to advance the next generation of scientists

January 16, 2019 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Dr. Elie Chamoun

CFIA senior executives speaking with university students.

Students know best how daunting it is to kick-start a career after graduation. For those educated in science, looking for the right place to apply their talent and skills is an exciting yet sometimes difficult endeavour. This challenge is magnified by having to decide between a vast array of science jobs on the market: industry, academia, consulting, and government. In the competitive job market of the 21st century, it takes a proactive and innovative employer to convey to students that their competencies are valued and sought after.

A glimpse into Canada’s highest containment laboratory for animal health: The National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases

October 22, 2018 | Canadian Food Inspection Agency | by Loren Matheson, April Killikelly, Bradley Pickering


High consequence pathogens, such as those that cause hemorrhagic fevers or pandemic influenza, have the potential to significantly impact human health, animal health as well as our Canadian economy. The mandate of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) includes work on foreign animal diseases such as these in order to contribute to our country's preparedness and response planning. This work covers all aspects of risk assessment, prediction, prevention, detection as well as restoration and recovery after a potential disease outbreak.

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