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WhitehorseClose-up View of the transit of Mercury across the SunShipyards Park, Whitehorse, Yukon9-May-16Yukon Astronomical SocietyInternational Astronomy Week (May 9-15, 2016) During the week, astronomy societies, planetaria, schools, universities and other organisations from all over the world organise events to promote interest in, and knowledge of, astronomy. The organisers promote the week using extensive contacts with the media and all the major astronomical organisations, many of whom provide funding. Events range from talks, visits and in particular the opportunity for children and adults alike to observe the sky through a range of equipment. National Astronomy Week is sponsored (and funded) by some of the most significant science organisations in the world, including the Science & Technology Facilities Council, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. On May 9th 2016, between 07:00 am and 01:00 pm, the Yukon Astronomical Society will inaugurate this year's International Astronomy Week by offering all Yukoners a chance to witness a very special event, from a top of the mound at Shipyards Park: a close-up view of the transit of Mercury across the Sun! The Society will be setting-up some filtered telescopes, and the public is encouraged to come-out and view the transit with our Society members; be it directly, through a telescope's eyepiece, or remotely, by networking their Smartphone, iPad, or tablet to the Wi-Fi camera attached to one of our telescopes. There will also be a draw for a brand-new, and fully equipped, beginners Celestron telescope. Come and witness the wonders of our Universe!! http://yukonastronomicalsociety.com/our-programs/public-outreach/
WhitehorseInauguration of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Yukon CentreYukon College, 500 College Dr, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5K4 (room A2402)Monday June 6th, 2016Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS)On Monday June 6th, the Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS) will be hosting James Edgar, National President of the RASC, to inaugurate the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Yukon Centre. This will be combined with a presentation about Synthesis of Elements in Stars, all to be held at the Yukon College. That's right... the Yukon Astronomical Society has officially joined the ranks of the RASC, and has become its 29th Centre! (http://www.rasc.ca/news/new-rasc-centre) This event will be FREE and open to the public. The YAS is pleased to invite its members, and the general public, to join us on Monday June 6th, 2016 for a celebration and free presentation. The 90 minute presentation will be held at the Yukon College, room A2402 (http://yukonastronomicalsociety.com/our-programs/meetings/). The inauguration ceremony begins at 7:00 PM in the courtyard (next to C-Wing) of the Yukon College, and the presentation will begin shortly after at 7:30 PM. It is also fitting that the YAS will have some solar telescopes out that evening, so that the attendees may have a look at our closest star... the sun. Solar viewing will begin at 6:30 PM (weather permitting) in the courtyard. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this event. See you there!!
WhitehorseA Meeting of Northern Worlds: Indigenous Peoples and the Norse in Arctic CanadaWestmark Whitehorse6-May-16Yukon Science InstituteFriday, May 6, 2016, 7:00 pm Patricia D. Sutherland, Adjunct Research Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University Archaeological finds from Canada's eastern Arctic reveal a little known chapter in North American history. Artefacts resembling those used by the Vikings and Medieval Norse have been excavated from sites occupied by the Indigenous peoples of the area. Recent evidence recovered by the Helluland Archaeological Project suggests that the Norse presence in Arctic Canada and interactions with Indigenous inhabitants were more widespread and complex than has previously been believed.
Whitehorse, YT.Science Rendezvous’ Canada-Wide ExperimentPorter Creek Secondary School Soccer Field - 1405 Hickory St. Whitehorse YukonApril 28, 2016Porter Creek Secondary School with Science RendezvousScience Rendezvous is launching its second installment of the Canada-Wide Experiment (CWE). The CWE is a series of 12 high-altitude balloon launches across the country (from Vancouver to Inuvik to St. John's, NL). These stratospheric balloons are equipped with video and data sensors to take a snap-shot of Canada's atmospheric health at one time. Now we will be able to compare results with last year's launch and start to track trends in our atmosphere! Things we will be monitoring: -GPS location -Accelerometer/Magnetometer motion -Temperature -Barometric Pressure -Humidity -Carbon Monoxide (CO) -Ammonia (NH3) -Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) -Ozone (O3)

The Potter Creek Secondary School team will launch their contribution to the Canada-Wide Experiment on April 28th from the school soccer field. Results and video from launch sites across the country will be showcased at the national Science Rendezvous festival on Saturday, May 7th 2016.
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