Global Excellence Initiative

Is Canada's extraordinary research record receiving the international recognition that it deserves?

Is Canada successfully promoting global excellence to the full extent required in the 21st century?

What can be done to build on Canada's major international research achievements, especially in recent years?

In 2012, following a meeting that involved the Governor General of Canada, government representatives, and leaders of research agencies, scholarly associations and interested groups from across Canada, an initiative was launched to enhance Canada's research profile on the global stage. Among other activities, this initiative aims at increasing the international recognition for leading scholars and scientists in Canada by providing support towards the nomination of such scholars and scientists for major awards.

CIHR, CFI, NSERC, SSHRC, NRC, and Universities Canada support the efforts of universities, hospitals, research institutes, and corporate and government laboratories by:

  • developing an inventory of international research awards (a living document to be updated regularly); and
  • offering support to organizations in building “compelling dossiers” on their candidates in the application process for international awards, by facilitating external reviews of institutions' draft statements on major scholarly contributions required within the nomination package.

A Canvassing Committee was created to identify potential outstanding candidates and serve as talent scouts to:

  • identify meritorious candidates for major international research award nominations;
  • contact the leader of the candidate's institution to recommend the candidate be considered for nomination for a specific award; and
  • connect the institution's administrators with the Initiative’s Coordinator to provide support, if a nomination is pursued.

For information regarding the development of successful nominations, please see Paths to Success.

To review the list of international awards eligible for external review, please see Inventory of International Awards. Note that support is exclusively offered for international awards.

Contact Information

For more information about this initiative, please contact:

Monique Racine
Tel.: 613 563-1236 (241)

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