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The Air You Breathe!

Let's Celebrate!

Did you know that June 7 is Clean Air Day? Every year, the Government of Canada takes the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and hard work of all Canadians who are working to improve the air you breathe.

Did you know?

Outdoor air pollution can affect your breathing and exacerbate existing lung conditions. It can also affect existing heart conditions and increase your risk of a stroke. It's important to know that every individual reacts differently to air pollution and that children, seniors and those with heart or lung disease are most sensitive.

Reducing Your Risk

You can take action to protect yourself and your family from the negative health effects of air pollution. The first step to take is to check the daily Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) in your region. The AQHI helps you assess the possible health risk associated with the level of air pollution in your area. The AQHI uses a colour-coded, sliding scale from 1 (low health impact) to 10+ (very high health impact) It's easy to use and easy to understand. It even provides you with a next-day forecast and health advice to help you decide the best times to be outside exercising or playing.

Other steps that you can take to help minimize the risk of health effects from air pollution include:

  • Choosing low-traffic routes for cycling, walking or running.
  • Exercising in parks and green spaces, away from major roadways.
  • Limiting your time spent outdoors when pollution levels are high, especially for those who are vulnerable, such as children, infants, the elderly, diabetics, and those with heart and lung problems.
  • Reducing traffic-related air pollution by walking, cycling, carpooling or using public transit.

Super Eddie!

Do you enjoy learning? Do you love to play video games? Then you should check out Super Eddie Enviro Games: a fun, interactive and educational video game designed to teach young children all about the air they breathe.


Keeping up-to-date on the air quality in your region is now easier than you think. AQHI app keeps you informed on the level of health risks associated with local outdoor air quality. The app provides you with hourly updates, readings and daily forecasts for communities across Canada. Once you're familiar with the AQHI numbered scale, and know the number at which you experience symptoms, you can set up the app to notify you when that number is reached. This makes planning your outdoor activities for the day a breeze!

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